Apparatus Makes Life Easier

You're a hub of activity, a go-to place for your community to learn and practice.

Apparatus makes program registration simple. Let your members register and pay for your programs the moment they're published!

 Easy to Use

The intuitive interface makes navigation easy for both regular users and administrators.


 Safe and Secure

Data is protected with SSL encryption. Payment details are not stored, to prevent a data breach.


 No Install Required

All you need is a web browser and an internet connection - no extra software needed!


 Payment Options

Accept instant payments via credit card, PayPal or Stripe, or let users pay by check or in person.


 Admin Dashboard

Manage programs and run reports from one central dashboard.


 Cohesive Branding

Put your users at ease by displaying your logo and matching your color scheme.


How It Works

Step #1 - Selecting Programs

Start by clicking 'Enroll' on one or more programs. Click 'Checkout' to proceed to the next step.

Step #2 - Participant Information

After logging in or creating a new account, the registrant fills out participant information. Multiple participants may be added, and if participants have previously registered for programs, their details may be updated. (Details may also be updated in the profile at any time.)

Step #3 - Assignment & Payment

After participant information has been saved, the participants are assigned to the programs. Payment details are entered, but the transaction does not take place until everything is confirmed in Step #4.

Step #4 - Registration Confirmation

On the last step, the order is confirmed, the payment is processed and the registration process is completed. 

Payment information is not retained by Apparatus after the transaction has been completed, to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data. Users can review past transactions on the Transactions page.


Apparatus pricing consists of a one-time setup fee + a yearly license fee.

Setup: $250

A one-time setup fee to get your organization set up with Apparatus. We set up your new Apparatus site, add your logo, customize the email messages, and provide up to two hours of phone support get you started.


Yearly license fee: $750

Once you're all set up, the yearly license fee of $750** includes hosting fees, SSL certificate purchase, and all product upgrades, feature updates, and bug fixes for the year.

** does not include payment provider transaction or account fees

Start accepting registrations online!

Do you add our programs as part of the basic setup?

We'll guide you through adding your first program as part of the phone support. Then you'll be able to add the rest yourself. Contact us any time if you have questions about this process!

Where is Apparatus hosted?

Apparatus is hosted on our modern, fast, and secure servers.

What if I don't have PayPal?

Apparatus can be configured to use any of several payment provider alternatives to PayPal - choose from Stripe, and check or in-person payments. If you'd like to use another alternative payment provider, contact us.

Is there a free trial?

Given the nature of the software there is no free trial period, but we would be thrilled to give you a personal tour of it! Get in touch to learn more.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. The setup fee is non-refundable, but you can cancel your yearly subscription at any time. Depending on your usage, we may be able to offer a pro-rated refund.

If I cancel now and then later decide that I want to come back, will my data still be there?

We can archive your data in case you want to come back later. Contact us for details.

What people are saying

Michelle Cozart Michele Cozart
Silverwood Heights Community Association

“The time that this system has saved before and after registration is incredible. It allows me to quickly and easily maintain my class lists. We have had many comments from users that are extremely positive.”

Nutana Marc Pelletier
Nutana Community Association

“The Apparatus team have worked very hard to make this a user friendly system, and it shows. We get lots of compliments on our online registration process. ”

Michelle Cozart Michele Cozart
Silverwood Heights Community Association

“When I started volunteering for the SHCA, we had about 20 adult and children's programs that we ran. We now have, on average, 60 adult and children's programs that we run three times a year, as well as approximately 13 summer programs as well. There is no way that I could have managed to expand, manage and maintain the SHCA programming without the aid of Apparatus.”

See behind the scenes

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